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reduction in customer churn within 6 months

US SaaS Business


Situation: A US based SaaS company was pulled into the Australian market. Expansion was led by the sales team and Australia was the first International market the company entered, in the lead up to a hyper growth phase. 


Problem: Based on the mode of entry into the market, the business had a declining revenue base, driven by a 15% customer churn rate due to lack of product market fit; the company average was 3%. Further, only 12 month contracts were extended which meant the churn was likely to increase from 15% to 22% by the end of the FY reducing ARR projections by up to 45%.


Contributions: Identified the churn threat in the first week, pin pointed the cause, re-baselined revenue forecasts, adapted GTM messaging, and supplied product teams with market data to minimal viable product needs. 


Result: Stabilised churn rate and reduced it from 15% to 7%. The Reduction in churn accounted for 30% ARR in the FY. Efforts resulted in a dedicated product roadmap and MVP specific to local market needs. 

Case Studies


increase in average deal size (ADS) within nine months, a 930% increase. 


Situation:  A system implementation (SI) business focused in building and implementing technology solutions for FINTECHs held aggressive growth goals, and sought to increase revenue by 100%, and headcount by 80%+ in 12 months. 


Problem: The SI lacked market traction and presence to achieve their growth ambitions. Their average deal size (ADS) was $35K, this resulted in short term contracts, often time consuming engagements, and required activity based sales cadences versus quality.  


Contributions:  Devised and implemented a GTM strategy focused on moving up market with an ADS of $400K+. The plan allowed for 20% of business to remain at run rate while targeting larger deals. Adjusted sales and delivery team targets, GTM approach, recruitment plans, and training needs for existing sales and delivery teams. 


Result: Within three quarters the ADS increased to $515K, formally recognised as a market leader in FINTECH , and increased headcount by 50%.

12 Months

insights helped expedite international expansion into identified markets. 

Multinational SaaS Business


Situation: A Multinational SaaS business sought expansion into ASEAN, using it's existing Australian business as the launch point.


Problem: The business employed a US centric model to drive new market expansion plans. This model was insufficient for expansion into ASEAN based on the varying economic, political and socio economic differences between the markets.   


Contributions: Created a data framework for country prioritisation and expansion  into immature markets based on macro and micro market dynamics, as well as industry and company performance indicators. The framework informed the companies expansion roadmap and identified viable partners in the prioritised markets to gain traction quickly. 


Result: Expedited ASEAN expansion plans by 12 months. The framework was adopted companywide and applied in expansion plans across Latin America, The Middle East and North Africa.  

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